Monday, 10 December 2012

10th December

1981: The year modern chart music was at its arguable innovative peak. The spirit of the age, pop advancing into new frontiers. So, Ken Dodd. Keep an eye on the uncomfortableness of various members of Zoo, collectively pretty sure they didn't sign up for this, especially not the one in white face paint and a sci-fi police uniform. Moving forwards and backwards simultaneously, Showaddywaddy must have been feeling positively avant-garde, burying the instrument playing members right at the back. You never quite know what to expect from the female half of Bucks Fizz, but here they've outdone themselves. Imagine how Jay must have felt walking back into the dressing room in her wedding dress to find Cheryl... like that. She was never allowed back to Jim Henson's workshop. The Police went to the trouble of hiring a horn section only for them never to get a single playing closeup. One of them retaliated by stealing Stewart's stool.

1987: No, Pet Shop Boys didn't become a trio for a while, that's just an overkeen cameraman who'll stand his ground whatever happens. Crooner classiness afront from Rick Astley, something SAW tried for ages to push him as, and that's some full orchestral sound they've got out of that sole violin.

1992: Even this early on you can see out of Take That it's Gary that'll be the first one to make out he always had a serious side from his hesitancy to join in with the routine. Unlike, it has to be said, Mark. Good work for singing live while doing the routine, Robbie realising he's on lead and so putting as little effort as possible into the latter, but it leaves the harmonies all over the place. KWS dragged the Trammps into their synth covers private hell without thinking they'd have to have something to sing to, so it pretty much turns into normal Trammps cabaret.

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