Tuesday, 4 December 2012

4th December

1980: Why has this video had twice as many dislikes as likes? Anyway, Jona Lewie joins the entertainment corps of a very lax army regiment. John Otway is among the brass band, apparently. That didn't end up in its deserved Christmas number one placing, though, that went to the group of six and seven year olds from a Roman Catholic primary school in Stockport, St Winifred's School Choir. Well, it's all right there. Sally Lindsay is famously among them, and made a fictionalised version of their day at the studio the subject of her Sky One short dramas Little Crackers. If it seems fairly non-standard so far you haven't seen Legs & Co's Kenny Rogers routine yet. Nothing about that song harbours a Middle Ages vibe, and yet...

1998: You know when sometimes you really like the waiting time? All Saints brought their big sofa with them, Shaznay drawing the short straw.

2005: About as out of place as possible, Enya returned to a heroine's reception and a stage full of candles. Robbie Williams wasn't afforded those, which might just explain the first verse ad-lib if not the logo on the jacket.

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