Sunday, 9 December 2012

9th December

1976: Double duty for Legs & Co, firstly in full doublet and hose, if overabundant on feathers in hats and big boots, for Mike Oldfield - I'm assuming the audience are meant to be representing the sea and it's a piratical desert island they're on, such is the power of suggestion - and then being the titular lively grannies around Paul Nicholas in his hotel towelling robe. Jethro Tull didn't require extra help but they had Ian Anderson's stare and a set of tubular bells as enough accroutrement.

1982: There's a rather lovely, if a bit mobile disco, lighting effect on Yazoo's lightbox, though the backing singers and their colour coded dresses are an affectation too far. A rare chance towards the end to see the traditional synth player's monitor showing something. Soft Cell's Dave Ball has the bigger stand, Marc Almond the elaborate headband. The tantalising promise by Simon Bates of "a single in time for Christmas - it's an EP, not a single" draws out Shakin’ Stevens even if he won't stand up, which would have helped him get out of the way of all that fake snow.

1993: Whose idea was it to stick The Bee Gees outdoors in New York in December, crosswind evident, as is the lack of comfort? That tree looks a bit bare for the centre of a major city at Christmas. Any wind around Cliff Richard is artificial, the spotlights and flags adding a stadium sized grandiosity the song and Cliff's daytime game show host suit don't deserve. He doesn't wish us all a great Christmas either.

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