Friday, 7 December 2012

7th December

1978: Although the lyrics suggest against it, Gerard Kenny seems to have got some engagement from British music fans. In return the BBC lay on whatever he wanted, with a full set of backing vocalists - with lyric sheets for their one line at a time - and the orchestra dressed to the nines approximating New Orleans swing. Strangely The Goodies weren't afforded the same production values, or seemingly Bill Oddie's presence.

1995: This blog does not seek to explicity condone, condemn or get overinvolved in wider questions of morality and legal judgement. Regardless, will you look the fuck at Gary Glitter's links. This blog has marvelled at Vince Clarke's willingness to go above and beyond the basic duty of playing blank foil while playing keyboard for Erasure; this time he takes it to the illogical extreme. In a more straightforward way, The Levellers also dressed up, though there's little indication they had the suits hung up in wardrobes regardless.

2001: By coincidence Ryan Adams and Gerard Kenny share song titles, and they're not even the most famous song by that title. The lighting department get to work on their outline of skyscrapers. There's also back projections at work for the Macy Gray revue, notable mostly for the only man among the five backing vocalists getting to wear the oversized hat.

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