Sunday, 16 December 2012

16th December

1982: The bloke behind at the start in the headband has the right idea. I've speculated before that TOTP got to the end of the year, found a surfeit of cash to spend on studio design and blew it all in one go, and another prime example is the entire suburban sitting room knocked up for Madness. The audience show respect for the work put in by not throwing any of the mass of balloons they've been given (see the pullback at the end) at them. As usual with Madness, proper miming goes for a complete burton by the close. As our friend mugs with a book, Santa Claus & The Christmas Trees... exist. Why is there one Zoo-ette in a swimsuit?

1993: Oh, it's Christmas alright. Tony Dortie makes an east Londoner joke, Brian Harvey is replaced by a snowman and East 17 swap round the vocals to slightly embarrassing effect. Jokes about not wanting to know what's in their sacks to the usual braindump. In boring old 2D Take That finds Dortie has fated them to chart death by Blobby. Mark brought the bad luck upon himself by opening his granny's Christmas present too early and wearing it on television early too.

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