Sunday, 2 December 2012

2nd December

1971: Well before that marching nuisance Tony Christie sported a fine head of hair and was no less adept at getting people moving - check those two women grooving on down around 1:16.

1982: Strict adherence to downhome style for Dexys Midnight Runners now extended to their instruments, a teachest bass and a drumkit consisting entirely of a bass drum leading to some athletic miming. Preceded by an introduction to new Radio 1 arrival Pat Sharp in his monogrammed bomber jacket and skinny tie - Gary Davies and Janice Long had been introduced in the same show - Bucks Fizz demonstrate the latest phase in their wayward approach to fashion, Mike in particular as Fred Flintstone in his scout leader uniform. The Jam said farewell, Weller bringing Tracie along and the band returning to the old trick of putting the drummer up front, and notably one of these people is less keen than the others.

1993: "The band that put the excitement back into pop music" says Tony Dortie from a gratuitous 3D landscape, presumably an attempt to put the excitement back into pop music programming. Notable he says this before Take That essay a ballad. Not exactly Avatar, those screens and light fittings.

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