Saturday, 8 December 2012

8th December

1977: Sneer switched to overdrive, hair bleached and fluffed Billy Idol and Generation X's biker leathers set a template for all family sitcom punks for years to come. We all knew what punk was by then and it was already landing egregious pisstakers like progs in skinny ties The Banned, who seem to have accidentally invented new wave. Tony's new friend at the end looks overjoyed to be on telly. Somewhere in between these two poles, and maybe a little to the side, come Graham Parker & The Rumour, extravagantly miming the guitar solo with his mouth. Legs & Co get their nightclub showgirl best on for Chic, leaving feathers all over the floor as they go. Those shapes hanging above them look dangerously unsecured.

1983: With no Jed around to fill the space any more, Howard Jones fills it with keyboards and then just doesn't bother playing any of them by the end. Programming ability was advancing quickly. "This week's number one is on the back of my jacket" quoth Read, and indeed there were The Flying Pickets in all their community drama group cast-offs finery. The best performance of this came a week later where they're all dressed as snowmen, but at time of writing nobody's uploaded that one.

1988: Classic Status Quo face-off posing towards the end, only a three way so we as an audience can't see any of them properly. Still, some synchronised guitar neck swinging soon sorts that out. Angry Anderson wasn't a specialist at solo power ballads but he'd learnt the actions well and some crowd members do well to keep their arm swaying up for the whole duration. A true Cliff Richard Christmas song performance isn't complete without his bidding "have a great Christmas everybody!" before the climactic key change. A bit early, surely, but one girl does make sure to shout "thank you!" in response.

1994: Another, not dissimilar, Whigfield single, another carefully crafted dance routine she refuses to acknowledge. Well, that's the intention but she can't help but clap along with everyone behind her in their army gym gear. How small are PJ & Duncan? This was filmed in a sugar cube factory.

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