Wednesday, 5 December 2012

5th December

1974: ABBA's second single after Waterloo didn't chart at all, their only single not to do so in the UK. That's despite all the effort put into what look like furry capes. Maybe Bjorn's open fronted catsuit was to blame.

1985: No band look more like the 1980s in retrospect than Go West - big synth, backing singers, keyboards with both hands, big coats in pastel shades. There's a big coat and a big synth in Pet Shop Boys's debut too, but the one-handed prodding and iconic 'BOY' cap would stand the test of some sort of time.

1991: Dance music wasn't going to lay down and when it started charting people had to work out for themselves how to present it come the Pops call. Shades Of Rhythm dressed in shellsuits and as clowns with lots of handjiving. With the aid of the first Christmassy set of the year Erasure unveil a mysterious third member, Andy opens his nan's present early and Vince develops his range from blank concentration on keyboard to blank concentration on accordion. As for The KLF... well, they had their own agenda. What seems like hundreds of people on stage, a game Tammy Wynette on tape, while Drummond and Cauty hide themselves away in the background where nobody will notice their presence.

1997: Kylie Minogue was playing with her past around this stage. Here, literally so.

2003: Providing a textbook example of ruining a carefully maintained image, Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne lounge around on soft furnishings and bellow a ballad at each other while the family album is projected behind them. Listen to the roar as Ozzy starts singing, it's as if something important has happened.

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