Wednesday, 11 January 2012

11th January

1973: Another sole surviving performance from an otherwise wiped show, Elton John's Daniel, seemingly in this case because a German programme found a tape. The fruit machine insignia at the back of the stage doesn't seem to correspond to anything on the show and clearly this is well before Elton's stage spectaculars. Odd set design wasn't just a feature of 1976.

1979: Here's a curio, Driver 67's Car 67, a slightly bizarre but proven notion that a song about a world-weary taxi driver refusing to pick up his ex-girfriend could be a novelty smash. The follow-up was about a truck driver stalking lone women at night, and was banned. Elsewhere Legs & Co take on Funkadelic's One Nation Under A Groove in combat fatigues, minus the trousers. No Sir Nose D’Voidoffunk they.

1990: Never forget Simon Mayo's image as Radio 1 breakfast show host, especially when he's wearing shades indoors. Deacon Blue knew they should have synchronised their beret designs.

1996: Two keyboards required for full effect? No problem for Tori Amos, who just needed to borrow an office chair. Completely misses the crossover second time, though. Babylon Zoo's song on the Levi's advert was the talk of the nation at the time, but that was before anyone had heard any more than the sped up bit. A man in a mask and some static 'dancers' covered that bit before Jas Mann got to the emoting and ruined it all.

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emsquared said...

Wasn't Driver 67 reported as a favourite of the Queen Mother at some point or did I just dream that?