Wednesday, 25 January 2012

25th January

1973: That's one superb hat. I can't work out whether that's the orchestra giving reggae a go behind Dandy Livingstone, though as they've made a decent go at it I'd say no. Regardless the kids are really gunning for it. Put your back into it, Dandy. In that sort of company The Strawbs look ever more out of place with their big bass drum, kids' TV countryside shirt and dungarees get-up and evocation of the three day week. The Sweet do none of these things and look completely alien as a result, despite essentially being brickies with girl's hair. It's a busy week for the vision mixer as the psychedelic patterns get utilised for Pan's People taking on the Temptations. Great work all round here, both in the strutting and the close-up expressions acting. Stop messing around with those girls, Jim.

1979: Looking like the world's most menacing second hand car dealer, Lee Brilleaux of Dr Feelgood exudes still only a portion of the danger Wilko Johnson, who'd left by this stage, did. Still looks like a different spectrum from Donny & Marie Osmond, going cabaret disco as a last throw of the dice, and their little gang of hand clappers down the front. Is that a love song? To each other?

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