Friday, 20 January 2012

20th January

1966: A classic, and again the only survivor from an otherwise wiped show, Stevie Wonder's Uptight. Groovy isn't the half of it for this audience.

1972: The thought of Pan's People doing a routine to John Barry's Persuaders theme is tantalising enough, but that's not the half of the actual experience. It's a location shoot! It's an everyday visual tale of girls in big white fedoras, huge shades and Mafia suits with roses in the lapels smoking cigars in the back of a convertible Rolls on their way to the casino. Let's be frank, it's a routine based on sitting and walking, but it's the best thing you'll see today (pending). Also on this day T-Rex do what they habitually did and cause mass outbreaks of grooving.

1977: Jesse Green fancies himself as a modish Sammy Davis Jnr judging by his range of hot shoe shuffles culminating in an air tightrope walk. When Legs & Co are wearing big overcoats you know what's coming, as they do to Elvis Presley.

1983: By this stage you could have mimed if you wanted, as Kajagoogoo and their abandoned balloons prove, but presumably Echo and the Bunnymen had too much self-respect for that, leading to the weakest of live sounds. Ian McCulloch's donned his lovely off the shoulder number for the occasion too. The first time a woman, Janice Long, had ever presented TOTP, this. Just took the nineteen years.

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