Wednesday, 4 January 2012

4th January

1973: you might have heard about this one. TOTP2's sound editor had Mark Radcliffe talk all over the intro but through faerie majick one of the many uploaders of The Jean Genie has managed to cut out the talking. Must be said, 1973 editing leaves something to be desired given Mick Ronson, playing up a storm here, only appears in close-up when not soloing or when the back of his head is in the way of Bowie's shot. From the same show (saved by a later repeat), and in black and white for some reason, Pan's People do You're So Vain in what would have been Cherry's second outing with the fab five. Even before watching you can visualise the chorus movements and dresses.

1979: a cocksure Billy Idol and his Noel Coward jacket steps out with Generation X

1990: First show of a new decade, and who better to kick off a new era of hope and expectation than the Quireboys? The whole thing is up - part one, two, three - proving only them and Sonia were desperate enough for TV exposure that early in the year.

1994: 30 Years Of Top Of The Pops, a Smashie & Nicey-fronted special preceded by Alan Freeman in the Broom Cupboard. Bits of the show are still knocking about, namely the montages of best sellers, 'groups and solos' (as opposed to what?), black music and novelties, replete with self-effacing Loadsamoney reference.

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