Thursday, 12 January 2012

12th January

1984: It takes a lot to get a specific response out of a Pops audience, but with TV's help Joe Fagin manages it. "A real classy song, OK ya"? What sort of show did Steve Wright imagine Auf Weidersehen Pet was? And why is he wearing one glove? If it's a Jackson tribute the Thriller video had just been released and the single was out a couple of weeks later but that wasn't reflected in the show.

1989: In which Pops has a skirting flirtation with the 'blonde' scene, in the shape of the Darling Buds, Andrea Lewis proudly blonde, proudly wearing her band's album title on her sunglasses and proudly committing ABH on tambourines. Someone in the audience throws confetti about halfway through.

1995: N-Trance provide some high quality keyboard slapping, strobe lighting breaks and a not entirely committed frontwoman.

2001: "This will be the year for rock!" Gail Porter starts her link, like that means anything. She wouldn't have yet known about the Strokes and all that either. Here it applies to Feeder, Grant Nicholas' vocal an odd mix of live and recorded amid lots of ostentatious bouncing.

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