Tuesday, 3 January 2012

3rd January

1980: The first show of a new year was always partly bothered with clearing up the festive detritus no matter how out of time it now was. For example, Peter Powell here recreating the start of the record and having to switch the 'night before Christmas' quote to something more appropriate for the date. In every other way this is something of a watershed, Kurtis Blow's Christmas Rappin' the first rap single not just to appear on TOTP but also to be released on a major label. The same sample as on the preceding Rapper's Delight, you'll note. Meanwhile, is Chrissie Hynde wearing one or two scarves here? Madness practice a two-member-per-keyboard lineup, The Beat are all over the shop, Boney M try dressing for the occasion and Fiddler's Dram brought a few fewer than in their late 1979 appearance but still with the extraordinary hairdo.

1985: With dancehall patois alien to most Brits, clock how many references Smiley Culture gets away with for a family audience presentation on Police Officer. His entourage of three people in costume was somewhat short of Sal Solo's.

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