Tuesday, 24 January 2012

24th January

1985: "We've dressed up tonight" says Mike Smith, at the kickoff of the first half of the show. If that's the case someone should have warned Steve Wright off that skinny red tie. After some comedic misdirection we see also dressing up, after a fashion, Chaka Khan in half a skirt and some sort of belt arrangement. Then there's Strawberry Switchblade, who kind of never knew when to stop accessorising and pleating, then an invitation to vote for the Brit Best Video award - note Mike Smith's pronunciation of "industry" and his insistence on telling us where everything was filmed - before James Ingram smooths things out. Meanwhile Paul King has come as Rupert The Bear.

2003: Two debuting alternative (indie seems wrong in one case) bands here, and while the Libertines go two and a half minutes without fighting or whatnot you'd have to imagine The Flaming Lips would bring the show for their TOTP debut, and while there's no balloon drop, weird videos or strobe lights, there are men in costumes, including a superfluous celebrity bassist who lasts four seconds before removing the head.

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Bustin' Justin said...

The bassist probably took his dolphin costume head off because he thought, "I'm Justin Timberlake! Nobody will recognise me like this!"