Monday, 30 January 2012

30th January

1986: Firstly, it's the results of the Design An Outfit competition from Janice Long's show, though it does seem most of the material for her jacket has been accidentally added to Gary Davies'. Billy Ocean had taken the best part of a decade to sort out his own wardrobe and added the usual mid-80s overstaffed backing band. Watch that sax be swung. By contrast Talk Talk haven't brought a guitarist and the director takes some convincing that the bass player isn't the frontman. In fairness, so might the bass player. Meanwhile 50,000 Fine Young Cannibals fans can't be wrong.

1992: You'd kind of hope that Manic Street Preachers' debut might have been more high concept given it was during their Melody Maker bait period, though picture quality prevents working out what that is on the amps or what's on the distant backdrop. Still, we do get Nicky's self-shading, Richey's endless jumps and James foregoing the stencilled T-shirt and going the direct route, not to mention an overuse of Fairy Liquid in water. I bet they weren't told about those smoke bombs at the end.

1998: Yes, that's certainly Mulder and Scully, well done, set designer. Catatonia's Cerys Matthews busts out the pinstripes, and the bust. Jayne Middlemiss does half likewise introducing Green Day, or rather Billie Joe over for promo on his own. A man sitting behind him does his impression of a car nodding dog throughout.

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