Sunday, 29 January 2012

29th January

1981: It's 1981 and still people are pogoing. What's more they're doing it to hard rock Slade, Dave Hill now fancying himself as some sort of leather trousered desperado. Those explosions are really helping, cheers for those. The Stranglers were still hanging on in there too in a more low-key fashion, if you don't count Hugh's ocker hat.

1999: Four from this show, all of an alternative persuasion and all highly notable in their own ways. Terrorvision landed a last gasp hit after a Mint Royale big beat remix and celebrated with a Mexican set-up. I doubt that's their actual keyboardist stage left. Jayne Middlemiss advertising excessive drinking on the BBC? I demand resignations. The All Seeing I's single featured Tony Christie on vocals but he couldn't turn up this early in the year so they turned to the song's lyricist Jarvis Cocker. It goes somewhat awry when someone plays in Christie's chorus vocal and completely swamps him. Despite a top 30 single Sebadoh were unexpected visitors and repaid the complement by carrying on for what's clearly some time and with some ferocity after the TV edit is completed. Completing the set, infamous music press hypes Gay Dad featuring two blonde shaggy-haired men.

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