Saturday, 14 January 2012

14th January

1971: Pops appears to have got things arse about face this week - look at the size of the space Tom Jones is performing to, and then halfway through you'll see everyone dancing behind him. The Johnny Pearson orchestra working overtime on this one. Even they've buggered off by the time Badfinger come on and put all the standing up members off to one side. And then... well... there's Clive Dunn. He'd only just turned 51 when this performance was recorded, which doesn't preclude him from being a grandfather but does suggest he made a habit of playing above his age.

1982: We've had this before, but there's no need for dancers to specifically accompany Altered Images around the stage when Clare Grogan is a vivacious enough presence. One imagines the production team never quite told the Stranglers about the ill fitting dance interlude invading their own screen time.

1988: The perennial problem at this time was how the show should visually represent developing dance music. Lots of monitors, sideways caps and keytars was generally the answer, Krush going one further with a big 1930s BBC radio mike for no apparent reason. That this was on the same show as Morris Minor & The Majors' Stutter Rap must have caused uncomfortable scenes.

1993: For 1993 Pops, starved of modernity's glamour in a sea of bad dance, Duran Duran must have felt like royalty returning from abroad with their fancy foreign gifts of twin-necked headless guitars.

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