Friday, 27 January 2012

27th January

1977: Opportunity Knocks winners The Brothers brought reggae to the masses in Quality Street wrapper shirts. David Parton returned in all his awkwardness. See his instrumental break technique - forceful handclapping, putting his fingers to the corners of his mouth in a 'smile, bastards!' motion with no great facial joy, attempted geeing-up and pressing of flesh, and presenting the rose from his lapel to an uninterested girl. Smooth operator. One can't honestly say mock Victoriana was what The Eagles had in mind when they wrote this, but don't underestimate Legs & Co. Patti alone pulls four different expressions in her first three seconds on screen.

1983: Far more streamlined today after the frenzy of the 26th. There was a time when Wham! were thought to be equal partners - equal foursome, possibly - despite that even this early George is the one doing all the singing and the moves. He's got street credibility, I hear.

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