Sunday, 15 January 2012

15th January

1981: Pops' first look at two classics this week - firstly Phil Collins and his famously symbolic paint pot, exerting his natural energy through his feet. Watch what VT does to cover the lack of a thwackable drumkit. Then it's Ultravox, Midge sporting a pencil tache, Billy Currie working through all his movement at the keyboards from the shoulders up before a sporting shot at replicating the violin part. Less celebrated, Susan Fassbender ("from my part of the world" boasts DLT, like it matters) and her big glasses, and Light Of The World bring the jazz-funk and yellow trousers to Marley.

1987: Iggy Pop, top on for once, lasts as a proper pop singer for about as long as he doesn't notice there's a camera at his feet pointing upwards. Once he's disposed of the awkward mike stand he's really off and running, even more so once he realises the essential redundancy of the mike itself.

1999: Another one retained in full: part one has two of the Honeyz showing a bit of leg, which asks its own questions, Blockster and Bryan Adams and Mel C singing at each other; part two sees Kate Thornton extolling both the looks and features, surely too similar things, of Ultra before Robbie works through his Bond ambition, part three features Justin (not that one).

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