Wednesday, 10 October 2012

10th October

1985: Steve Wright introducing The Smiths. I can't imagine Morrissey had nothing to say about this. They faced competition for the alienated youth this week in the form of The Cult, Ian Astbury in full hand-twirling mood having been calligraphed on his cheek.

1991: Eventually Mark Franklin had to be kept away from physical contact with the show. Here's a key problem with the new look - the top ten alone in the rundown, after the first song of the show (Carl Cox, if you must know) So much for everything else. "Creating a flavour", Cathy Dennis seems to be allying herself with the string section while partitioning those pesky synths off to the other side. For completeness' sake, Morrissey.

1997: Boy band-like post-Britpop chancers in the time when you could use the line "I go to public school" in a song and get away without comment, Catch clearly excited the girls enough with their song about being ripped off in a Soho sex club. Logic lurks somewhere within, I'm sure. "Let's have a bit more!" Toby Slater shouts as the song comes to an end, before flashing the dreaded rock horns. Look at yourself, son!

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Steve Williams said...

I jumped up and down to that Catch track at Snobs, an indie disco in Birmingham with an incredibly sticky floor (when I wasn't stuck to the floor), during my first weeks at university, so I have fond memories of it. It's more famous, now, though, as the track playing on The Chart Show when it got faded out to announce the death of Princess Diana. More people have probably heard it in that context on YouTube than ever did at the time.