Tuesday, 23 October 2012

23rd October

1980: Egregiousness alert with DLT and the unsubtle product placement - that generously positioned T-shirt! There must be a story behind all that - as he claims the women behind him have been sent to "drive me bananas" and they react with something between nonchalance and complete boredom. More the latter, given they've just heard the Hairy Cornflake tell them he fancies them. Elkie Brooks has an awkward interview including a spectacular hospital pass of a question - "you look tired to me" "I don't look that bad, do I?" - before Kelly Marie gets us out of here with two dancers who look like they're reinterpreting the Wilson Keppel & Betty sand dance. And if you thought Elkie was an unwilling participant in DLT's view of the world Matthew 'Adric' Waterhouse is basically stunned into silence. Next time we see DLT he's got his arm around Pauline's waist before Legs & Co realise that if there's cars in the studio for no apparent reason - and what is it with DLT and pointless car themes? - they might as well dance to Ottawan using them as a barrier of sorts.

1986: Stan Cullimore of The Housemartins is maybe the most enthusiastic acoustic guitar picking mimer you'll ever see. Very little set dressing there, as they were working towards attempting to see if a human can drown in dry ice, using Cyndi Lauper as their guinea pig. That's why she moves to less fogged areas as soon as she gets up.

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Lee Trevain said...

RE 1980 DLT with EB 0.38, how the hell did it take someone like Steve Coogan more than 10 years after this to create Alan Partridge??