Sunday, 7 October 2012

7th October

1971: The Tams' appearance is odd in all sorts of ways. For one thing, the record had just been knocked off number one after three weeks at number one in which they hadn't appeared. For the most part, keep a careful eye on the backing singer Tam in the middle of the group of three. For a bit.

1976: Jimmy's wearing an Old Grey Whistle Test badge, a neat example of hands across the musical spectrum ocean. Herbie Flowers, legendary session bassist then with T-Rex, turned up in his pyjamas and still looked more awake than Marc, who seems to be trying to locate the median point between Rudolf Valentino and Frank Sidebottom. Pussycat came "from across the seas" and one of their mike stands got lost in transit. If Paul Nicholas' impromptu fast forward waltz doesn't impress, one of Ruby Flipper's last stands saw them interpret The Detroit Spinners in too-short jumpers (for the females) and a routine that's faster than the record.

1982: Jimmy's joined by his close personal friends to introduce some classic post-modernist Latino funk antics from Kid Creole & The Coconuts. You wouldn't think with the sometime August Darnell and three fully interpretative backing singers the only other band member would get much screen time, but that's to underestimate his exuberance. No such playing about for Bauhaus, wearing their influence on Peter Murphy's lack of sleeve. Never can he have been more thankful of that hand from the front row. Culture Club returned with Mikey Craig as a sharecropper and Savile getting a prediction right for once. Now, give a song about a whorehouse to Zoo in a post-Hot Gossip world, throw in a couple of chairs and some flamboyant dresses and The Animals' classic, now reissued, can lead only one way.

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