Sunday, 28 October 2012

28th October

1976: How to jazz up some lovingly wistful acoustic-led folk-pop? In the case of Joan Armatrading it's close-ups over the guitar sound hole and as many reflected images as can be fashioned. Shouldn't the director be following the guitar picking or on a wider angle during the sax solo? Simon May clearly thought more about camera positioning than strengthening his vocals. The new dancers still don't have a name and strictly they don't have a routine to "the theme from Jaws", just Lalo Schifrin's reinterpretation, though they do have wetsuits and the ability to express shock, except for Lulu, who sucks her cheeks in instead.

1982: A warning has to be issued here, as at the start Simon Bates attempts comedy. That's a luxurious 80s bouffant the singer from Blue Zoo is sporting, though all his effort doesn't stop various audience members from batting balloons about instead. Rather classier is Dionne Warwick in her full-length print dress and no sign of an audience at all.

1993: David Hasselhoff. I'll just leave this here, I think.

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