Saturday, 13 October 2012

13th October

1977: Dundee disco groovers Rokotto look like they're half ringers but that isn't the case. You certainly wouldn't want to get in the way of their singer when he's waving his cane like that.

1983: Feast on the wonder of Jay Aston of Bucks Fizz' hat. Maximising that close-up work, it seems to be a titfer she just never stopped accessorising, from chiffon to repurposed necklace. Just as confusing is the routine, which involves pointed side looks and kind of organised sitting down and then wandering around. Lydia Murdock made an answer record to Billie Jean with neither the movement of Jacko nor the style, wearing a dress that looks like it's been hand stitched from a duvet.

1988: Guest dance vocalist without portfolio PP Arnold strived to give some visual element to The Beatmasters, one of whom appears to consider looking like he's playing his synth a poor second to waving his arms about. Despite her top design Arnold was at least clearly there for further purpose, Sabrina having seemingly turned up just to be whooped at as soon as she started moving and Sinitta unwisely joining in and level on stage with her backing dancers as if she could be any one of the three.

1994: Tom Watkins creation 2wo Third3 weren't a band short on image gimmickery with their cartoon mascot and keyboard players in suits who thought nothing of breaking off from their duties for some frenzied body popping and general showing off. Use a chair properly, sir.

2000: How big were the Spice Girls? This was the second pre-release appearance for this single, their much now overlooked for a reason attempt at going R&B. Observe how Mel C's T-shirt attempts to uphold her hard won reputation as 'the rock one'.

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