Friday, 26 October 2012

26th October

1978: Before the unpleasantness and despite everything, this was surely the mental image most people had of Jonathan King - on TOTP, in a rainbow wig, conducting an audience, singing not very well. Worst real song-to-TV version editing ever on that clip. Elvis Costello and the Attractions were conversely clearly not out to make friends, not least in the pointed lyric change and accompanying point. The Undertones made a debut notable for the shots of Feargal at the bottom of the screen with the reflection of the drums at the top, like they couldn't quite find the proper angle to get both in the same normal shot. As for Legs & Co, they had a busy day, firstly a quorum clad in the bare minimum for Dan Hartman, then ELO in a Spanish-inspired outfit with strange shredded boots/kneepads. And then they all went to the VT suite and danced to the former in the latter outfits for the Christmas tape. That's not David Mellor at 1:27.

1989: Having landed something of a controversial coup by recruiting a blacked up Kraftwerk as her backing dancers, Adeva modelled a jacket she'd go on to sell to MC Hammer. If you look cafefully, around 2:05 she gives her wrapround shades to someone at the front. She'll regret that soon enough.

1995: Presumably thinking the lyrics too subtle, Cher dresses up as Elvis, during that period he swapped the rhinestone for gear borrowed from Tom Waits. Unfortunately a small fire broke out at the front of the stage which Cher had to stamp out herself at 2:24. Coolio meanwhile cut out the middleman and just wore the polar bear raw.

2001: Even Jamie Theakston suggests Brian Harvey and the Refugee Crew is ridiculous. And let's face it, he's not far wrong. The wiser audience members show their surrender early on.

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