Monday, 22 October 2012

22nd October

1981: This should be the whole show but it's not as the middle section's been taken down. No matter, nothing of real worth in it as the whole show is mostly videos anyway. More medley 'fun' and really egregious at that with Blondie copyists This Year's Blonde, who come with the worst connecting disco beat of the lot, real Portsmouth Sinfonia stuff. The last section kicks off with The Jam followed by Shakin' Stevens in stasis as the previously featured Stewart/Gaskin number one.

1987: Was (Not Was) do have dancers, but they don't appear until more than halfway through and have to stop hiding away behind everyone to flank Don Was before anyone really notices them. That's a lot of effort wasted. Also, surely bow ties all round or not at all. Taken from TOTP US, Kiss show what a bit of budget can do to a show, seemingly filmed in an aircraft hangar. Meanwhile Erasure cope well enough with just some men dressed as the Salvation Army, a level of subtlety Gene Simmons would never understand.

1992: The man with the jackets had been round before Take That took to the stage and Gary anticipated a cold winter better than his colleagues. Whatever's happening when the director cuts to what's playing on the screen behind it can't have been pretty. Maybe the sax player made a break for it. If you catch Tony Dortie's link at the end, yes, the Chippendales did appear later. Singing. Yes. Luckily nobody's bothered to upload that.

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