Thursday, 25 October 2012

25th October

1984: DLT's last show. Changes were evidently being made that went against his principles. Or it's just someone saw this first link and realised he looks about three times Peter Powell's age, and then saw the actively disturbing link out of Feargal Sharkey, backed by a rump of Madness and some invisible brass players. Limahl appears keen to involve his backing singer as an equal, maybe for want of something to do other than prance.

1990: The uploader describes Jason Donovan's hair as "wacky". In fact it's that centre parted wet look that'd be all the rage half a decade later - think Theakston. No, it's the enthusiastic big haired woman on the balcony who's beyond some sort of pale.

1996: Again: Steve Lamacq! Top Of The Pops! Suede's Neil Codling must have left his keyboard behind, which as his onstage schtick was immoveability proves a problem when Brett's shaking a tambourine for all he's worth. The Spice Girls worked out what they were doing and were never quite as fun again. Mind you, those must have been really good gloves Emma and Mel C are insisting on wearing.

2002: While Badly Drawn Boy can't bear to look straight ahead, perhaps suffering PTSD after his recent assault by a polar bear, old stagers Manic Street Preachers appear to have placed themselves in the middle of an old British Gas/gas fires advert.

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