Sunday, 14 October 2012

14th October

1976: Diddy David Hamilton goes for a joke at the start of this first clip and gets a much better reaction than he surely anticipated. Ruby Flipper had been an interesting diversion, a solution to a problem Flick Colby saw and anticipated but nobody else did so the BBC made her change back to an all-female lineup. Flipper's final fling was some frenzied tableau shape pulling to Wild Cherry. As if to demonstrate, all three girls have flashed their knickers before the vocals start. Every camera trick in the book is thrown at David Essex, including unforgiving extreme close-up and just finding a girl singing along to it. Real perpetual motion is exhibited by J.A.L.N. Band and their frontman endlessly running back and forth, sometimes on the spot.

1982: It's not like anyone really needed to know, surely, but Mari Wilson caves in and tells us what her Marionettes (no, the band were the Wilsations) are allegedly called. Their 'wardrobe' gift appears to comprise a handkerchief. From one haircut to another, is that a rat-tail Curt Smith of Tears For Fears is sporting? Power pop thrills hence from The Pinkees, though this is mostly here for Peel's anecdote about America.

1993: Eternal were big enough to both merit starting in silhouette and get their logo on a backdrop of its own, even though it appears to be attached to a bedsheet. Towards the end a couple of them look like they've just decided to go their own way.

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