Wednesday, 31 October 2012

31st October

1991: Strangely, none of these clips have any apparent Hallowe'en link. "Taking over the rave scene!" remarks Tony Dortie of an unknown record before linking to Don McLean to audible just-been-knifed screams before he performs in front of a gaudy seaside town arcade's worth of neon. Thus is both the eclecticism of TOTP and the drawbacks of the live performance production of the time laid out. Congress vocalist Lucinda Sieger uploaded this herself but it does have to be said there's no inherent dignity in choosing that headgear. At least that producer has a frontperson, Moby has one keyboard and an exuberant style that occasionally breaks into running man dances and shouting to rely upon.

1997: Speaking of dignity Mary-Ann Hobbs, self-advertising opportunity it may bring, essentially presented this show in her bra, which is forward if little else. You've rarely seen an outfit given as little space on television as 911, whose presentation is entirely confused. What are we supposed to read into the open shell suit with training vest underneath look? Are the audience supposed to do something with those balloons? One of them by the end has broken into his own breakdance while the lead member Jimmy is under threat of being dragged off the stage and to who knows where, leading to the intervention of a bomber jacketed heavy who only succeeds in pushing him to the fans at the back as the previous front row breaks ranks and encroaches, having smelled the blood of a boy band man. Double 99 have employed personal security too - you can see him right at the start and in some of the overhead shots. He's not a performer or musician, he's not the same bloke who acted as 911's emergency service either, he's there purely to look heavy and make the group look important before telling his mates he got on the telly. Are two dancing girls and a man in a do-rag that worth saving from the television studio ticketed throng?

2003: Mis-Teeq line up for a dance-off and begin singing instead, which isn't in the spirit of the game.

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