Monday, 8 October 2012

8th October

1964: They've got their name right there in case they forget it, see. They being The Supremes, the couple just behind and to their right slow dancing while everyone else goes much quicker.

1981: Lest we forget, Tight Fit weren't always the wim-o-wehing confection of greater fame but originally a producer-led leap onto the medley bandwagon before the label decided to do something else with the name. Nobody seems entirely convincing, understandably. See everyone ignoring Legs & Co there, and here, where they're more visible behind Madness even though there's never an actual close shot of them. Bit late with the lighting change both in and out there. This Human League appearance features some fine dancing from the girls and must be one of the last stands for that Phil Oakey haircut, but the real star attraction is, I think, Jo Callis' casual one hand behind the back keyboard part.

1987: Some fine synth drumkit work going on alongside Jellybean, but what really shapes it is singer Steven Dante's denial of logical dance moves. You go forward for the chorus, not sit down. Ask LL Cool J, he understands and, given the audience of the shortlived US studio to work with, gets some rare for the time actual interaction going. I presume all those people behind do something.

1992: A game audience, this, clapping along to the vague beat of Ned's Atomic Dustbin as if they know what's going on. They're on safer ground with Take That, though even there they sound like they're slow clapping them and their ribbon mikes off. There's no reason why only Robbie and Howard have their shirts open other than maybe contractual.

1999: To Birmingham, where one suspects Pet Shop Boys may have had gay club culture in mind. The backdrop isn't even a backdrop, just a large standalone sign. Liam Gallagher and Steve Craddock had covered the Jam's Carnation for a tribute album, though Noel seemingly insisted on popping along with a keyboard anyway. Can he really play it? Well, he gave Liam the guitar solo that time they did Roll With It...

2004: Here's your clash of TOTP cultures in action. In one corner, Manic Street Preachers press the current affairs film research unit into action. In very much the other, long forgotten boy band V create a health and safety nightmare in the name of making an impression. Their faces at the end are the absolute picture of "who the fuck's idea was that?"

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