Thursday, 1 November 2012

1st November

1973: Inventing Dennis Taylor's glasses shape a decade ahead of the fact, Elton John appears to be miles away from his band. Maybe it was a dispute with the guitarist over who got to wear the purple ruff. Pretty sure that's a lost member of Slade on drums.

1979: It takes a lot to distract attention from Ron when Sparks are in but Russell's pink suit is as good a go at doing so as anything. The Jam wanted to ram home the class-consciousness of Eton Rifles so got Rick to don boater and b blazer and hired some notably mike-less, bendy backing shouters while Paul models an appropriately well heeled electric blue suit and some sort of tied scarf. Bruce... well, they just left him out of the discussion. Unfortunately that's also the sort of look you can imagine BA Robertson going for unironically. Instead he's gone for the unlikely clip-on tie, reversible jacket and holding a football, because if you liked football then that's what you did.

1984: "What better way to get us underway than Heaven 17?" says Gary Davies after the audience has whooped at Duran Duran and Wham!'s names. Hmm. Glenn Gregory, seeing such company and reaction, attempts a disguise. The musical rivalry may have spurred each other on but choosing between Duran Duran's patterned jackets and Wham!'s mixture of golf jumper design and high top button fastened work shirt is no choice at all. Caught in the crossfire, metaphorically, Jim Diamond's band includes a man who's far too big for his guitar.

1990: It takes quite the confident performer to mix a tennis-style headband with the most ruffled shirt you'll find. Kim Appleby, well done.

1996: East 17 and Gabrielle - the resistable force meets the immoveable hair. Never have the two at the back seemed more out of place.

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