Tuesday, 6 November 2012

6th November

1980: He didn't write the theme tune, but he's going to sing it nevertheless, and sing it live at that. Dennis Waterman looks out of place and like he knows it. Bearing in mind they're miming and neither audience nor camera cares about them, what do you suppose the keyboardist and bassist are saying to each other around 2:39? Slightly different performance dynamics from Motorhead, to an audience who seem not to be so much headbanging as moving their entire upper bodies in that motion.

1986: Having mugged Rupert Bear of his scarf, Steve Wright introduces Red Box and their showy three-drummer setup, none really showing all-round technical expertise. Guantanamo chic from the blokes in Swing Out Sister which Corrinne Drewery models a vaccuum-packed bin bag.

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Anonymous said...

Dennis did actually write the theme tune, he co wrote it with Gerard Kenny.