Wednesday, 21 November 2012

21st November

1985: Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew should have spent the whole song in those office chairs, shouldn't they? Also, for all his later skill with mouth noises what is Doug E miming to before the future Slick Rick detains him? Being 1985, the audience is about evenly split between keen and perplexed, as are Janice and a sweater-over-shoulders sporting Paul Jordan. The masses have no doubt in their arm waving to Dee C Lee though, a soulful classic and an overlarge headband.

1991: Two varying examples of how dance acts coped with the new live vocals decree. M People debuting with a big record behind him, a man dancing at the back and Heather Small's huge vocal and bigger leopardskin headband. "The Stafford ravers" Bizarre Inc, on the other hand, sampled and looped their vocals. She tries her best, but...

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