Friday, 16 November 2012

16th November

1972: The Strawbs try the Byrds route and buy some spangly jackets for the occasion. Some Rod Stewart and the Faces tomfoolery you don't see too often, with a cutout Ronnie Lane, who hadn't actually left yet but was definitely on his way out. I suspect Rod really didn't need to check the lyric at 1:24.

1978: Buzzcocks always seemed to start the show after a while. Why not, those were dynamic and compact songs, though on that L-shaped stage they do resemble quite fey loafers on a street corner. The Boomtown Rats had just usurped Summer Nights after seven weeks, hence the famous show of strength at the start. Note just three people reacting. Then Bob gets out his wind candelabra. He always kept a length of rope handy, just in case.

1989: "They've never done it before" Simon says, by which I assume he means 808 State haven't needed to mime while jogging on the spot before. The one at the front on electric clarinet presumably operated the PC you see in the middle.

1995: Was Tina Turner's latest single a Bond theme at all?

2001: From within their house of lightbulbs The Strokes. Note two spare guitars by stage right and a clunking edit at 2:22 - watch the mike position.

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