Monday, 26 November 2012

26th November

1981: You can always rely on Toyah for big red hair, electro-shock dancing and theatrics above and beyond. The latter definitely comes into play when she makes her way into the audience. The man in the spectacularly stripy top really does not want to be seen dancing, and indeed dancing like that, on television. She ends up on the other side of everyone in a yawning unlit chasm, where we see she appears to have a fringe drawn on her belly, and then makes her way back to find someone wants a dance-off with her by means of waving his arms about a bit. Sir, that bit has not aged well. You could always rely on Imagination to abandon their instruments halfway through in favour of unchoreographed hip shaking and Leee John to look like a New York gay club guerrilla. How could Kim Wilde ever hope to compete? Standing stock still's not going to do much for her so off she wanders through everyone too with her usual insouciance. Worrying amounts of robot dancing behind her at the end.

1987: How odd Blue Mercedes look, a kind of mounted double keytar, which surely defeats the purpose of keytars, and a man in his gym gear who just will not stand still. People seem keener on them then The Housemartins, conversations audible at the same level as the band at one stage. For a man sitting down Paul Heaton just can't keep still. Watch the cameraman's sudden panic at 2:10.

1992: Health and safety just don't let you light open fires in BBC studios these days, but Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine considered their rocky clearing incomplete without one. This was the very brief moment in fashion time where one could dress sophisticatedly while wearing a backwards baseball cap. This is what everyone thought the 70s looked like in 1992, thanks to Kylie Minogue. Are monitors really necessary on that small stage?

2004: Live from HMS Belfast for some reason, Eminem hires a drum corps despite also having a DJ. Never a good look, being able to see the performer's breath.

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