Saturday, 10 November 2012

10th November

1977: The whole show, featuring Tom Robinson shot from above, Elvis Costello boggle-eyed glaring down at us, Roxy Music from 1972 after a Greatest Hits-inspired reissue, a rare Kenny Everett video, Tina Charles in a marquee and Den Hegarty of Darts just not having the space to work in, dammit. More pressingly, whose idea was it to dress Legs & Co as young farmers? In what way does that match the Bee Gees?

1983: RHYTHM PALS ALERT! RHYTHM PALS ALERT! And a classic of their peculiar trope too. Once that's done it's a chance for dads nationwide to utter the phrase passed down through the years as Marilyn dons his sparkliest gear. The pianist seems to have come from a variety showband. No such frippery for The Cure despite the stuffed toys and the knowingly retro mike. Robert Smith, as ever, is overjoyed to be there and unerringly accurate with his guitar chord miming.

1988: Brother Beyond's Nathan Moore has a very odd dancing style. It drives the girls wild, no question, but future boy band frontmen would take it to the next level and actually move their feet rather than just gyrate from the knees. See, the bassist from Deacon Blue can manage it, bouncing around on his toes while Lorraine uses her tambourine as a weapon. What, apart from the whiff of subliminal soft drink advertising, is Robin Beck hiding under her hat?

1994: There's a suspiciously staged quality, if you'll pardon the expression, about the stage invasion that greets The Saw Doctors, not least as it all comes from the sides and kicks in far too early. It's said producer Ric Blaxhill is lurking somewhere at the back, surely in a flagrant abuse of production guidelines.

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