Tuesday, 27 November 2012

27th November

1980: Well, there's also this day's show in 1969 which was the first TOTP to be broadcast in colour, but none of that survives. Robert Palmer seems obsessed with the mike cord. Something odd must happen to the director at 0:44 as for more than twenty seconds the only shot is from behind Palmer which isn't much use. Meanwhile The Stray Cats really excite exactly seven people.

2005: The Strokes and all their strobes, not to mention Julian's military jacket, but what must be asked about this show is why it's being presented by Noddy Holder. Wouldn't about three weeks later be more obvious if at all?

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Steve Williams said...

Robert Palmer nipped into the Pops studio from next door where he was appearing as a cliched local newspaper journalist in an episode of Shoestring.