Friday, 2 November 2012

2nd November

1972: You'd never be able to drum properly moving your shoulders about that much. The Osmonds go all enthusiastic and knock-kneed.

1978: It's fun sometimes to think of the huge numbers TOTP attracted in the late Seventies against what the shows actually brought to that swathe of the nation. For example, just under 14m viewers watched this show and each and every one of those, plus the kids in the studio, must have wondered what on earth Streetband were about. One hopes for the retrospective sake of BBC budgets that that set wasn't specially designed and built. Back in the regular world The Skids' Richard Jobson must have just launched his specially monogrammed clothing range. He should have lent some to Legs & Co, who for Elton John are wearing Watford colours just for him, albeit in not quite the same design.

1989: Again with the paint pot, Phil Collins! Surely he'd be in some way over it all by now. (Actually he says the original paint pot, from the In The Air Tonight performance eight years earlier, was nothing to do with his divorce, it was just left there and he thought he'd incorporate it) There's only one point, this, in her long career that Kylie Minogue would surely have seriously envisaged wearing orange trousers.

1995: As the former mentions in the description of his own upload, McAlmont & Butler were barely speaking by the time this was a hit and they clearly don't make eye contact throughout. For a while it lools like Madonna, in her first TOTP studio appearance in eleven years, is going to do the same to everybody.

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