Thursday, 29 November 2012

29th November

1984: A special occasion, and not just for being hosted by what was then an actual couple. The release date of Do They Know It's Christmas?, as you'll see from a few subtle clues throughout, starting with Nik Kershaw and many times over with Kool & The Gang. Don't think it's strictly "helping the famine", Peter. Slade brought another job lot of silk scarves and a guitar of such unwieldly design Dave Hill has trouble holding it properly. They weren't on the record but they joined in the chorus on the Christmas Pops nevertheless. As did - for shame! - Black Lace. You mean you don't always take pom-poms to TV studios with you on the offchance?

1990: Major had become prime minister two days earlier, which explains Nicky's opening link. Dream Warriors combined live vocal rap and morris dancing expertly at 1:09. Dimples D doesn't fancy her chances live but she does have a distracting big hat and two dancers who don't seem to move their feet all that much. Chris Isaak put his name on his guitar, which is security conscious of him, but you'd never lose him in that colour suit. The Pet Shop Boys look this time is 1930s novelist/spy and 1990s snowboarding holidaymaker.

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