Thursday, 22 November 2012

22nd November

1979: The Pretenders celebrate winter with Chrissie wearing a big scarf and skiing on the spot.

1984: Lots of coloured lights accompany Nick Heyward as does some sort of Poundland Four Tops. Years before the Commitments The Kane Gang attempt to codify that sort of besuited club soul but are let down by their singer turning up in his TA outfit. No way are the backing vocals on Murray Head's Chess hit really female, and these are so slovenly they can't even take their hands out of their pockets. There's some fine extravagant dancing here, a sole cameraman at Head's feet, an overflow of flags and a bloke seemingly just standing around at the back of the stage on Murray's side.

1990: The Twin Peaks theme was always going to be a hard sell in the Pops studio but Julee Cruise makes it work through force of emotional expression alone. 808 State desire to keep it looking real but with the man who would have been jumping around given a guitar it's no wonder the panning shots of the audience last that little bit longer.

1996: The Fugees make the tactical error of giving Wyclef centre stage with a guitar. Lauryn can't even be bothered to get up on her feet.

2002: In the desire to do something different, maybe, Kylie Minogue has Casey Spooner, frontman of electroclash hobby horses Fischerspooner, joining in on the remix of her single. He only has one thing to do and that's right near the end, but he can preen well.

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