Thursday, 8 November 2012

8th November

1979: Matchbox flaunt their rockabilly credentials by wearing something entirely different, American Civil War gear - at least you'd think the rockabilly element would outdo the 'rebel' part. The retro music the kids were actually going for at the time was ska, The Specials in front of some abandoned floodlight panels with Walt Jabsco filling in while Jerry Dammers takes up the guitar. The audience just look bemused, especially at Lynval and Neville's playfight. They look even more so, even those wearing fezzes, come Madness Nutty Walking through them. A cameraman chasing them quite clearly mows down several people in his path, yet does he stop to check their welfare? Punk was still fighting a rearguard action of sorts given even Sham 69 had gone rhythm and blues with the aid of a torrent of dry ice. Who ever said Flick Colby was too literal all the time? For Herb Alpert Legs & Co take to some Greek ruins. Perhaps it's just a routine she wanted to do and needed any sort of non-verbal impetus.

1984: The time, Limhal's backing singer - who's clearly considered comfort and warmth for the top half of her outfit more than the bottom half - and her football favouritism apparently all take precedence over the song for Simon Bates. Look at the shot right at the end, someone really seems to think posing like that with Simon Bates will look cool. The scrapyard of invention that passes for Depeche Mode performances unveils new toys again, hammer on box and bicycle wheel pressed into service. No such inventive novelty for Gary Numan, working a look somewhere between A Clockwork Orange and Dave Vanian. The backing singer must be commended for her attempt to sing a Fairlight sample 'live'.

1990: The La's' Lee Mavers famously once rejected a vintage mixing desk as it didn't have original 60s dust on it. Presumably those dry ice fountains were entirely authentic. Very high stance there.

1996: Frankie Dettori hosts, a notorious low point in Chris Cowey's "golden microphone" passing around. Unfortunately his "craaaaazy Moby!" intro isn't here and even he would struggle getting the mood right for Bjork, who's given up on trying to replicate this backing.

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Si said...

Sadly, we can't blame Chris Cowey for this one... it was down to Rik Blaxill.