Sunday, 25 November 2012

25th November

1965: From the hundredth show - wiped, obviously - The Seekers, folky wistfulness on a pop art set.

1976: Jimmy making peace with all of Glasgow at once, or so he thinks. The Kursaal Flyers' Paul Shuttleworth is about as alarming a frontman as pop ever delivered with his teddy boy pompadour, spiv tache and Stonehenge teeth. Given his bandmates variously go for a garland of daffodils, Panama hat and shorts, maybe it truly was 'the times'. There's some meaningful production values gone into Cliff Richard's staging, someone wanting a craft Bafta. That's Pauline from Legs & Co wandering around in the clip. Elton John doesn't need all that, aside from the biggest tinted glasses he could find. Legs & Co meanwhile take on the art-prog of Be Bop Deluxe and fail conclusively.

1982: Bloody hell, there's loads of kids out there. But what's with the bloke to the right of Yazoo? You'll see him at the start behind and to Alison's left and then you won't be able to miss him. Meanwhile Vince is playing his solo by thought alone. Rather less activity around Lionel Richie and his white piano. Ah, here's that bloke again with DLT cracking a funny about him that doesn't make sense ahead of Talk Talk and scary shouty Mark Hollis. And again, what's going on in front of Travis at the end?

1993: The Wonder Stuff profit as the BBC buy up the Dixons window display.

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THX said...

The 1982 proto-furry was perhaps lost on his way to the Doctor Who set. There appears to be an Alice in Wonderland there too. It was the 80s, it was the future.