Friday, 30 November 2012

30th November

1978: The Rezillos could put on a show but they never quite got the show re-recording right for whatever reason. What Fay Fife loses in projection she makes up for in energy. Holding his jacket over his shoulder like a yuppie twat, Peter Powell introduces a rejigged Darts, Den Hegarty having left his suit to the drummer and paid for Rita Ray's swimming lessons. It'd take too long to explain what's happening before Mankind and about the same length of time to explain why someone thought this was a good idea. The keyboard player it now seems is less Who, more Potter. In a post-industrial society all hope dancing women will have will be to reclaim bodysuits and feathers. A worrying vision of the Metropolis future to Chic.

1989: Well, how would you represent Kaoma's Lambada visually? The bassist is asking to be run into. All the time this has been running we've seen the full gamut of attention seeking keyboard players, but Rob 'N' Raz may have edged it even from such a full field, and the size of the one on the right's jacket isn't helping.

1995: The Childliners were an absolute pile-up of the day's top pop talent - East 17, Boyzone, Backstreet Boys, Dannii Minogue, Deuce, EYC, Michelle Gayle, Ultimate Kaos, Let Loose, MN8, Peter Andre, Sean Maguire, CJ Lewis, China Black, you get the idea. Still only made number nine, largely because it was just some shouting over a backbeat and nobody seems quite sure what to do with there being a limited number of actual mikes to go round.

2001: Shaggy arrived with his usual harem and a lot more jumping than we're used to from him. The split of Muse's visual effect doesn't seem to be entirely even.

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