Monday, 13 February 2012

13th February

1975: Our first look at Fox, and more pertinently Noosha in her big shawl and nightie, while the cameraman creates their own man-made divisions in the audience. Yes, I know what the description says, it's a repeat of this original performance.

1986: The man Smash Hits always referred to as "Belouis" "Some", as well as looking like a sweaty home counties Gary Numan in his blonde phase, isn't short of charisma but seems lacking when it comes to commanding a stage. Look at his little turning about hot-footing in between chorus and verse. The mime-acting for the keyboard solo, in the absence of the required sax, really is something.

1998: For a band whose live shows are usually overrun with extravagant lighting and onstage numbers Spiritualized keep it relatively together, though obviously Jason Pierce can't resist hiring some gospel singers. And lots of prettily designed spotlights. And a full brass section. You can pretty much guarantee that recording went on for a lot longer than the edit required.

2006: In its increasing desperation to latch on to something in its dying days, TOTP would take on all sorts of extra-curricular concepts. Hence, the Winter Olympics Special from Turin, co-hosted by Sue Barker and Colin Jackson and flying bands such as Sugababes out there just to dance for them AT YOUR EXPENSE.

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