Saturday, 25 February 2012

25th February

1971: The camera's road to Atomic Rooster is paved with dancing girls, though it's not especially danceable music. The organist is equally keen to be seen. Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons are more drilled with their craft with their matching outfits, not that the stage crew seem all that convinced having not only built a playground climbing frame around them but deposited a large box in front of the stage. You've seen more convincing keyboard playing, it's fair to say.

1982: There's plenty of iconic Associates Pops performances in the archive but on their debut they're still trying to find their piece. True, Martha Ladly (previously the secondary Martha in Martha & the Muffins) looks the glamorous piece in her suit, but Billy MacKenzie must have stolen that had from an on-course bookmaker.

1988: SHE'S FIFTEEN. Plenty remember Vanessa Paradis but it's her Dick Tracy sax army that really impress, though one of them clearly missed rehearsals.

1993: Annie Lennox has never been afraid of a high concept, and given a hit from a film about Dracula she gets placed amid something appropriately gothic - window and staircase from round the back of the Hammer clearout, candles from an old Take That routine, pillars of fire as previously discussed, dry ice fountains spoiling the image a bit. At least it's of a piece with Lennox's work. There's something faintly undignified about the idea of Bryan Ferry deciding 1993 was just the right time for his jazz-funk cover of I Put A Spell On You and to sit behind a massive piano with dancers dressed as a cartoon Frenchwoman and some sort of voodoo effort. The female guitarist looks appropriately uncomfortable with the setting.

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