Friday, 24 February 2012

24th February

1977: Barbara Dickson was in to plug Evita, but before then Noel met a disturbingly young looking Andrew and an allotment owner looking Tim. Not often the director has to work harp springs in.

1983: Electronic drums, white trousers and Tony Hadley dressed as an American Midwest 1860s bank manager. Spandau Ballet are her caught in an awkward place between the Blitz club and the high living Romanticism. Steve Norman, as ever, got whatever was left over. If Hadley looking suave is one visual integer of 80s pop, so is the style Eurythmics debuted here - Annie short red hair and suit plus a surprising vigorous arm-pumping routine, Dave beardy and pretending to make himself useful, Eddi Reader on backing vocals, Clem Burke of Blondie on drums. Bonnie Tyler's middle age look (though she's only 31 here) red leather ensemble didn't stand a chance in comparison.

1994: The visual effect of Beck's superannuated miming backing band might have worked better had Bruno not gone and spoilt it in the intro. Good to see Willie Nelson earning gainful employment on sitar, though maybe we could have seen Beck spin on his back rather than another shot of him. No such irony where Ace Of Base are concerned, and that's counting the gurning from the blokes. TOTP really liked using those towers of flame at the time even if they do look vaguely fascistic.

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