Sunday, 19 February 2012

19th February

1964: So what's the oldest surviving TOTP footage? No, it's not the start of the first show, any clips you've seen of that are a remake from the 20th anniversary special. No, it's a pre-filmed insert shown on this day by the fine stomping Dave Clark Five.

1981: A show with two highly improbably Legs & Co breaks is a show to watch, that's for certain. Firstly they back Fred Wedlock on The Oldest Swinger In Town, which is as gainly as it sounds especially when Wedlock's sporting the open shirt look, but their actual solo turn to Once In A Lifetime is somewhat degraded by the fact that song already has a perfectly serviceable video with its own celebrated choreography, which is completely ignored in favour of something that seems to be loosely based on Planet Of The Apes. I could pretty much post the whole of this show, it's filled with gold, whether that be Headgirl, Motorhead and Girlschool by their powers combined, having their own private dance-off halfway through or Toyah trying that little bit too hard at first before finding out the camera likes her anyway. Adam & the Ants wow teenage girls across the land with their songs comprising hardly anything but shouting, tribal drums and feedback while Adam gets his scrawny chest out; The Stray Cats get their own hop going, apparently with a seperate set of dancers to those the show has provided.

1987: It's not made clear what proportion of Man 2 Man Meet Man Parrish are chiefly involved, but the Male Stripper part is adhered to as far as prime-time television in 1987 can allow. Listen to the way the girls scream when the bloke takes one of his three jackets off. So who were Westworld? They had a load of advertising at the time and the walk-on suggests they meant business but if they're supposed to be high concept having electronic backing, becapped girl and square rockabilly electric guitar is somewhat offset by the conventionality of the acoustic.

1999: The title says UNKLE but for a while it's a DJ Shadow showcase - you can tell it's live because of the quality of Ian Brown's vocals. An absolutely static audience has to be informed by Brown when it's finished. Meanwhile Blur swoon gospelly and Damon adopts the second hand car dealer's shades of choice.

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