Tuesday, 21 February 2012

21st February

1974: The clip's mostly in monochrome and been badly kept, the audio's been redubbed, but for history's sake it's pretty much unimpeachable, being Queen's Pops debut. They only made it to the studio twelve times in all, being too busy with touring or making unplayable extravaganzas.

1985: Howard Jones with Jed as Chaplin? Sounds fantastic just from Bruno's reference, just a shame nobody's uploaded it. We must instead pick out Sharpe & Numan, the latter you know, the former jazz keyboardist Bill Sharpe. No idea who the 'guests' Bruno refers to are, there's only one other person on stage with them, but Gary's white suit, white hat and whiteface make-up with blue go-faster stripes, like he was trying to prove a point, is good enough. He does seem to think he's Michael Jackson or something with his leg movements at the mike stand. Also, having monitors as part of your keyboard rig isn't really helpful.

1997: Clearly you're nobody without a pop-art stylish but impractical guitar and a mannequin who may be supposed to be Sid Vicious. No idea who that's supposed to be on the other side of James' stage. No Doubt's idea of decoration is more in keeping with the image. Perhaps aware that yet again he's having to play on a broken heart song about himself, bassist Tony Kanal decides to amuse himself with some robot dancing at the start and completely taking over the solo with something clearly not the part he's actually playing.

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