Tuesday, 7 February 2012

7th February

1974: A wiped show but a performance so celebrated it gets repeated all the time, even just in that year - Suzi Quatro, the anointed bass, the synchronised kicking, the camera-on-camera visual effects CSO at the back, the lot. All done in one take too - if you look, whichever member it is doing the "welcome to the dive" interjection at the start does it there and then into a side-on camera, and then again for the second verse wolf whistle. Bet people still moaned about it being mimed.

1980: There was a curious period a couple of years ago when Colleen Nolan became the most famous woman in Britain, or thereabouts. You wouldn't have given The Nolans twelve months on the back of this brazen a stab at the disco mainstream, not least in those jumpsuits. Did Bernie leave her red top in the van? The Tourists had more secure ideas about presentation, even if for Annie those involved some sort of flying ace cap with an attached horse's tail. Dave Stewart remained in the background this time, a role he's rarely taken since. Compare and contrast his stance with that of The Selecter, who seem keen to push Arthur "Gaps" Hendricskon as being on at the very least an even keel with Pauline Black as frontperson despite his only providing backing vocals and far less energetic dancing.

2003: Soft Cell returned! For a bit. And it was musically as if they'd never been away, albeit with quite a bit more screaming than Marc would have been used to at their height. That jacket must be impossible to wear in heavy wind.

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Old Applejack said...

I can't watch that Suzi Q clip too many times, for all those reasons you mention. I also find the keyboard player mesemerising. Wonder if he's got posture problems these days?